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Set Up AN IRA LLC That "you control"

We make setting up your IRA LLC EASY. we specialize in setting your IRA LLC "the right way the first time!"

Get ultimate control of your IRA investing experience with an IRA LLC! With an IRA LLC, you can truly diversify your IRA and buy real estate, bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and precious metals, and so much more, all without the hassles of dealing with your IRA custodian and without paying their onerous fees.

We offer you security versus the illusion of safety, flexibility versus regulated savings, and simplicity in a complex world!

- Welcome to the New Standard of IRA Investing!

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Set Up A Self Directed IRA You Control!

Truly Diversify Your IRA Portfolio Beyond Traditional Assets And Streamline Your Investing Experience!

We Can Help You Set Up Your IRA LLC The Right Way The First Time. Benefit From Our 19+ Year Track Record, Proven Process, And Done-For-You Service. We Can Help You As Much, Or As Little As You Need.

After Your IRA LLC Is Set Up, You Call The Shots! 

With An IRA LLC, You CAN…

  • Invest In Alternative Assets Such As Real Estate, Gold, Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Without Ever Asking Permission Again.
  • SAVE Thousands—Even Potentially Tens Of Thousands In IRA Fees Over The Life Of Your IRA Account, Skyrocketing Your ROI!
  • Cut Through The Red-Tape And Corporate Bureaucracy And Avoid Custodial Delays For Good!

Invest On Your Own Terms!

Invest How You Want, When You Want!

Invest in real estate, rental properties, apartments, and real estate notes. You can even lend money for a new construction project in your area and make loans when you truly control the IRA.

Whether it is bitcoin or another
cryptocurrency you have an eye on, you can purchase them in a New Standard IRA without the need for custodial consent. Transition to a TRULY self directed IRA, chart your course.

Purchase physical gold, silver, & other scarce, rare, precious metals in your IRA. Unshackle your IRA from tradition, preserve your wealth and build a truly diversified retirement portfolio that includes physical precious metals. 

Who Is A Good Candidate?

Why Choose Us To Set Up Your New Standard IRA?

A Turnkey IRA LLC Solution And A Proven Track Record!

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Our Mission

We Are On A Mission

Embark on a transformative journey with us, where your financial aspirations meet limitless possibilities. Our mission, since 2006, has been to empower you to swiftly set up an IRA LLC so that you can benefit from the myriad freedoms offered within the IRA rules.

Picture yourself in the driver’s seat of our proven IRA LLC model, with our team of self-directed IRA experts ensuring the engine runs smoothly throughout your journey. Unlike conventional IRA custodians, who drown clients in regulations and fees, the IRA LLC liberates you from such constraints. We aim to significantly lower your costs, enhance your overall investment experience, and reduce your overall cost of ownership.

This is more than a journey; it’s a partnership in your pursuit of a better financial future.

Let our combined expertise and commitment guide you toward a future where your decisions shape your financial landscape. The path awaits—are you ready to embark on a journey where empowerment, growth, and achievement become your constant companions?

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What Our Clients Love About New Standard IRA?

Are You Ready To You Transition To The Freedom of New Standard IRA Today?

After all, what is the advantage of waiting even one more day?

Who Is A Good Candidate?

Who Is A Good Candidate For A New Standard IRA?

Retirement Investing Reimagined

What is New
Standard IRA?

Our IRA Features

The Unmatched Features of a New Standard IRA

How An IRA LLC Works

How Does A New Standard IRA Work?

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How The New Standard IRA Works?

Diversify Your Investment Portfolio Beyond Tradition!

Invest In BOTH Alternative Assets and Traditional Investments


Maximum Flexibility for Savvy IRA Investors

Our Process

Transparent Step-By-Step Solution

Take Advantage of Our Done-For-You IRA LLC Solution!


Set Up Your LLC with the appropriate operating agreement. 


Choose an IRA custodian who allows you to invest in an LLC.


Properly Capitalize Your New IRA Account And Make Sure To Avoid a Taxable Event. 


Set up Your Checking Account in The Name of The Newly Formed LLC & Fund Your Account.

Steps To Set Up A New Standard IRA

Your New Standard IRA LLC Is All Set!

Once your IRA LLC account is funded, you can invest HOW you want and WHEN you want in an “IRA YOU Control!” With a New Standard IRA, you have decision control and checkbook control, and what you can invest in with your retirement account is nearly unlimited. 

You can invest in any asset NOT explicitly prohibited by the IRS. Are YOU ready to take control of your IRA retirement account and leverage this advantage? If so, we can help you!

We offer a turnkey, done-for-you IRA LLC service that ensures you set up your IRA LLC the right way the first time. With our proven step-by-step process, we can help you get up and running as quickly as possible versus wasting months of your own time trying to figure everything out on your own. 

Are You As Excited As We Are About Your Future?

Save Yourself The Hassle & Take Advantage of Our Done-For-You
Service Today!


Top Frequently Asked Questions

First of all, we aren’t surprised by this question. It is our #1 asked question.

Truth be told, banks and IRA custodians’ goals are in opposition to yours.

Banks and custodians who service your IRA don’t have financial incentives to help you diversify beyond traditional investments.

The common misconception of an individual retirement arrangement (IRA) is that you are confined to a small subset of investments, and you can only invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, or certificates of deposit (CD).

However, the exact opposite is true! Allow us to let you in on a little secret that is nearly half a century old. When the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) passed in 1974, this provision opened the door for investors like you to open a New Standard IRA.

Still, banks and custodians continue to profit from you by tacitly misleading you to a small corral of investing options under their control. These institutions offer you the illusion of diversification, all the while milking your IRA over time with hidden, burdensome fees, which decimate your ROI.

The good news is there is only a one-time investment to set up your New Standard IRA. Our done-for-you solution starts at just $400*.

Your investment varies depending on your desired objectives. Most of our clients need to get up and running quickly and truly appreciate the work we’ve already done for them, while others don’t mind spending additional time and money working with a local CPA or attorney to figure it all out for them.

We’ll help you as much or as little as you like, giving you the widest range of options.

Note: This fee does not include State filing or custodial fees associated with filing your LLC, etc. We pair you with the lowest flat-fee custodial services in the industry … guaranteed. We have already done all the work for you, so you don’t have to!

If you are comfortable writing checks and balancing a checkbook, you can manage a New Standard IRA.

After setting up your New Standard IRA with our done-for-you service, you will experience a new level of freedom. You likely say to yourself, “Why didn’t I move on this sooner?”

After structuring your IRA account, it will be much easier for you to manage your retirement and financial future.

Just imagine what investing will be like when you can seamlessly make IRA investments by simply writing checks right from your IRA account without having to complete mountains of paperwork, waiting for approvals, no custodial interference, and bureaucratic red tape!

Are you ready to enjoy all the amazing benefits of worry-free, hassle-free investing? You can rely on us to help you set up your IRA to reach your personal retirement and investment goals.

Q: What Makes a New Standard IRA Different From a Standard IRA?

In a New Standard IRA, you eliminate the custodian from controlling the investment process, obstructing your investment activity along with their associated fees that decimate your ROI. 

You receive total management control to direct your IRA’s investment activity. You also receive checkbook control of your IRA account, which means when you are ready to invest, you simply pull out your bank debit card or write a check for your investments right from your IRA account. 

Self Directed IRA Custodians

Self directed IRA custodians will allow you to make some alternative investment transactions in your IRA, but you still don’t have complete control of your IRA investing experience. 

When your park your funds with a self directed IRA custodian, you are essentially self directed in name only. The custodian remains in control of when, how, and what you can invest in inside your IRA. 

When You Invest

  • The IRA custodian controls the timing for when you can invest. 

What You Invest

  • They control what investments you purchase in your IRA. 
  • They can prohibit you from making purchases, even if the IRS does not prohibit you from making such an investment. For example, most self directed IRA custodians will not allow you to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in your IRA, although the IRS does not ban such purchases.

How You Invest

  • The custodian controls the process for how you invest with your IRA. For example, for the self directed IRA custodians that will allow you to purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies in your IRA, but it comes at a hefty price.
  • They restrict you to their buying and selling process.
  • You have to ask permission.
  • Your purchase and sell requests are subject to delays. 
  • You don’t have portability. 
  • Your IRA does not own the crypto wallet; the custodian or a faceless third party they assign you to does. 
  • You may lose out on earned monthly compound interest.
  • You have to pay additional fees every time you buy or sell your cryptocurrency.

However, with a New Standard IRA, you are truly self directed, and you are empowered to control ALL the investing activities in our IRA account. 

  • You also are free to make ALL investment transactions, which the IRS does not explicitly prohibit.
  • The best part is you pay zero in transaction fees or asset fees that erode your purchasing power and decrease your ROI. 
  • You keep more of your money working for you at all times. 
  • You are finally free of the IRA custodian red tape.
  • You are free of delays, which means you can move in and out of investments faster, thus reducing costly missed opportunities caused by the custodian. 

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