Preserve Your Wealth: Buy & Hold Physical Gold In “An IRA The YOU Control!”

How Would You Like To Sit Out The Next Recession And Not Only Survive It But Thrive?

Shift a Portion of Your IRA Into Physical Gold.

Time is of the essence! Shelter your wealth from the coming financial storms while you still have time! You can open a new IRA, transfer an existing IRA account, or rollover a current 401K into New Standard IRA so you can begin investing in physical gold.

Investing in physical gold in an IRA does not need to be complicated or expensive, especially if your IRA is set up the right way from the start.

An IRA is no longer an investment vehicle just for holding your paper assets or gold-like assets, such as gold ETFs or gold mining stocks. You now have the option of holding real, tangible assets like physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium within a self directed IRA account “YOU Control!”

You can legally buy and hold these precious metals in your IRA so long as you invest in IRS-approved coins, bars, or bullion.

Because gold is the most commonly purchased precious metal for your IRA, the term “gold IRA” is typically used to refer to any retirement account that consists of any of the “permitted” precious metals.

However, the gold IRA is a “precious metals IRA” that is the same as a “silver IRA,” “platinum IRA,” or “palladium IRA. The name of the IRA depends on the predominant precious metal it holds.

At New Standard IRA, we refer to the precious metals IRA as a gold IRA. A gold IRA is a truly self directed IRA set up to hold any one of the physical, precious, or rare-earth metals.

Precious Metals Permitted In Your IRA

To include precious metals in your IRA, they must meet specific IRS purity requirements. For example,

Your physical Gold must be equal to or greater than 99.5% purity.

Your Silver must be 99.9% pure.

Your Platinum and Palladium must meet the 99.95% purity threshold.

Although you can buy 90% Pre-1965 silver dimes for yourself, outside your IRA, you cannot purchase these coins inside your IRA portfolio. Otherwise, this purchasing 90% Pre-1965 silver dimes is prohibited by the IRS.

Why Are Investors Shifting To Physical Gold IRAs Even With the Stock Market at All-Time Highs?

Since ancient times, gold has been regarded as the ultimate form of currency and asset protection because of its desirability, scarcity, and stability.

Gold is proven to be one of the most valuable wealth preservation assets of all time. It has retained intrinsic value for over 5000 years, and it has proven to shine even brighter in uncertain economic times.

If the next 5000 years are anything like the previous five centuries, the chances your gold investment will ever go to zero is almost zero.

Many investors believe gold and other precious metals will continue to rise in price and value over the next decade as more and more investors begin to buy and hold gold to short the US dollar. 

At the direction of our policymakers, the Federal Reserve (The FED) and central banks are printing an unprecedented amount of money, increasing the money supply to aid the government in paying off the debt owed due to poor financial policies.

Investors believe the FED’s actions flooding the economy with more and more dollars (liquidity) is inflating the currency, decreasing your purchasing power, and will inevitably drive up the price of rare-earth commodities like gold in the long run.

Why Does Gold Continue to be a Timeless, Desirable Asset For An IRA?

In 1933, during the Great Depression, the US government imposed restrictions on owning gold. However, restrictions on owning gold were lifted in 1975, soon after the US removed itself from the gold standard.

In 1997, the Taxpayer Relief Act broadened investment holdings to allow IRAs to hold gold coins minted by the United States Treasury.

The Act also paved the way for gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, rare-earth metals, to be added into IRA accounts.

In response to The Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, investors began accumulating physical gold in their IRA to diversify and protect their savings from inflation resulting from the sagging US dollar.

Gold prices tend to rise as stock prices fall, so adding physical gold can help to stabilize your IRA portfolio and preserve your wealth even when the stock market weakens.

This economic phenomenon can give you added peace of mind and balances your risk, especially over the long term, which is why gold is so attractive when looking to preserve your wealth.

If you wish to protect your wealth from inflation, or worse yet, hyperinflation, and preserve your capital’s purchasing power, you should store it in an asset that has proven itself time and again. Many concerned investors, like you, are looking to shift a portion of their paper assets into real, hard, tangible assets like gold and real estate, as well as other physical assets to truly diversify their IRA portfolio to protect their wealth.

That is where our firm comes into the picture to help you reach your goals.

What do we do for you?

We position you to easily buy and sell physical gold, precious metals, and other tangible assets in “An IRA YOU Control, ” using our proven solution — the New Standard IRA.

The Benefits of The New Standard IRA “A Gold IRA YOU Control!”

The New Standard IRA gives you more control and flexibility of your IRA funds through a specially created LLC that your IRA owns.

Also known as the IRA LLC, the LLC designates you as the LLC manager giving you checkbook control of the funds in your IRA account.

The IRA LLC arrangement is unique. You can purchase assets in your IRA by simply writing checks or using a bank debit card issued to the LLC for the investments you want when you want them without involving the IRA custodian in the transaction.

The IRA LLC helps you bypass the custodian’s cumbersome asset-buying process and the corporate red-tape. Still, more importantly, when your IRA funds are hosted in the LLC depending on the IRA custodian, the New Standard IRA lowers your asset and transaction fees to almost zero for the life of the IRA!

With fewer restrictions and lower custodial fees, you can keep more of your money working for you, thus increasing your opportunity for greater returns over the life of your IRA.

To set up a New Standard IRA LLC account and avoid the pitfalls of setting up one on your own, reach out to our IRA specialists today. We have packages perfect for any budget.

We can help you as much or as little as you want. We can help you set up a New Standard IRA account in days versus weeks and guide you step-by-step through the process, ensuring your account is set up correctly the first time.

We look forward to serving you!

Call us now to learn more about the New Standard IRA and how it simplifies buying physical gold in "An IRA YOU Control.

Successfully Weather The Next Financial Storm By Shifting From Wealth Accumulation To An Asset Preservation Investment Strategy

Aside from accruing wealth, there is only one thing more challenging, and that is preserving your wealth once you have it.

It is vital over the lifespan of your IRA, as your wealth accumulates and as your IRA investment portfolio matures, you begin to shift a portion of your funds into safer and more secure assets.

If you choose gold or other precious metal assets, we can show you how to do it safely and securely without triggering a taxable event in “An IRA YOU Control.”

When you were young, you likely participated in riskier investments like options, futures, and leveraged ETFs, and maybe you still do to a limited extent.

After all, it may have made sense to do so, especially when you were in the prime of your life, and you were working to accumulate your wealth … and your retirement years seemed like centuries away.

If during this period, your investments took a hit because you invested in edgy assets, you might have said to yourself, “It’s ok, I’ll make it up next time.” You may have felt this way because you had time to recover, and it seemed like time was always on your side.

However, one day you wake up, and you come to your senses, and you may say something like this to yourself,

“What happens if the market crashes and I lose 30% of my wealth overnight?!” “Would I still have enough money to retire in comfort?”

Or, perhaps you may ask yourself the following question…

“Is my retirement truly diversified enough to weather the next financial crisis?”

If you have ever had these thoughts run through your head, you may realize time is no longer on your side, and things need to change, or else!

The good news is, you’re not alone!

Most investors get to a point in their investing journey when they realize it’s time to transition away from riskier, more volatile assets to more stable ones if they are to preserve their wealth or retire with any dignity.

Are you in this situation already, or do you feel you are heading there at lightning speed?

As you age, it is prudent to begin to shift more and more of your investments away from volatile assets and into more solid, wealth-preserving assets. Many investors who find themselves in this situation are beginning to shift a portion of their IRA portfolio into physical assets, like physical gold.

Gold, but more so physical gold, can act as your last line of defense to preserve your wealth in uncertain financial times, which gives you just one less thing to worry about.

Let’s face it! You can’t win in sports unless you play sound defense, especially late in the game, and you have the lead. The same is true in the sport of investing.

You should know the best offense in your wealth preservation years is a good defense as you shift your portfolio from more risky, volatile assets to more secure, tangible ones that are proven to weather the financial storms.

Because the question is not if the storms will come, it is just a matter of when and at what strength they will hit the shores of the financial markets. You can’t stop economic storms, but you can prepare for them now while you still have time to do so.

How do you plan to preserve the wealth you have worked so hard to accumulate over the past several decades?

However, You Plan To Chart Your Journey, We Can Help.

We Can Help You At Any Stage of Your Investing Journey

For 17 years, we have helped thousands of investors like you set up their New Standard IRA LLC. The New Standard IRA LLC allows you to truly diversify your IRA into physical assets such as physical gold and other precious metals, plus much, much more!

For most investors, your most valuable asset outside of the equity in your home is your IRA retirement account. We help you set up a New Standard IRA LLC, so you can decide when and how you want to invest your retirement account moving forward.

With a New Standard IRA LLC, you can diversify your IRA portfolio and preserve your hard-earned wealth in physical gold, all without taking an IRA distribution or triggering a taxable event, even if your current investment broker says no, or you don’t know where to start.

We anticipate your call today to start the discussion and to help anchor you safely to weather the next financial storm before it crashes the shoreline and attempts to erode everything you have worked so hard for and to accumulate.

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