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Business filings including Articles of Incorporation for LLCs and Articles of Organization for Corporations in Arizona

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Fees: The initial filing fee for a self directed IRA LLC in Arizona is $50 (+ $20 for the Certificate), and the annual fee is typically $0.

An AZ IRA LLC is filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission, Fax filing is available, and processing times are generally 20+ business days.
Original signatures are not required on AZ Articles of Organization.

Expedite processing is $35 extra, and turnaround times with expedite processing are 7-10 business days.

Maintenance: Arizona requires all new limited liability companies to submit a notice of publication in a local newspaper located in the same county as your IRA LLCs place of business (physical address in AZ). The notice must be published within 60-days after the initial LLC filing and for three consecutive publications (1-2 weeks depending on the newspaper).

Arizona LLCs do not have annual filing requirements.

Registered Agent Services: Ask us how to obtain a third-party registered agent for your self-directed IRA LLC in Arizona. Registered Agent Solutions vary, and fees are generally $110 per year. The third-party registered agent solution is an optional service that may not be required.
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