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IRA LLC Florida Information:

IRA LLC Filing Fees: The initial filing fee for a self directed IRA LLC in Florida is $155.00 dollars and the annual fee is typically $138.75 dollars
IRA LLC Formation Process: A Florida IRA LLC is filed with the FL Department of State online. Original signatures [are/are not] required. Expedite processing is not available.
Maintenance Fees for Florida LLCs: The annual “report” should be submitted to the Florida Department of State on or before May 1st every year and the fee is $138.75.
Florida Registered Agent Services: Your Florida self directed IRA LLC must maintain a registered agent (physical address) for service of process. If you do not have a registered agent in Florida or cannot find one ask us how to obtain a third-party registered agent for your self directed IRA LLC. Registered Agent Solutions vary and fees are generally $110 per year for registered agent services in Leon/Tallahassee, FL 32301. This is an optional service and third-party registered agent solutions may not be required for your particular situation.
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