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IRA LLC Georgia Information:

Georgia IRA LLC Filing Fees: Georgia’s initial filing fee for a self directed IRA LLC is $100, and the annual fee is typically $50.
Georgia IRA LLC Formation Process: A filing with the Georgia Secretary of State for an IRA LLC typically takes two to three business days, or 24 hours if expedited processing is selected. There is no requirement for original signatures, and expedited processing costs $100.
Georgia LLC Maintenace Fees: The annual “registration fee” should be submitted to the GA Secretary of State on or before April 1st every year and the fee is $50.
Registered Agent Services: For service of process, your Georgia self directed IRA LLC must maintain a registered agent (physical address). If you do not have a registered agent in Georgia or cannot find one ask us how to obtain a third-party registered agent for your self directed IRA LLC. The annual fee for a registered agent in Fulton County/Roswell, GA 30076 is generally $110. This is an optional service and third-party registered agent solutions may not be required.
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